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border in mexico, more of it, just this week. now, secretary of state hillary clinton is comparing the situation there to an insurgency. and here's what she said yesterday. >> these drug cartels are now showing more and more indices of insurgency and all of a sudden car bombs show up and it looks more and more like columbia looked 20 years ago. bill: the director of the woodrow wilson center's mexico institute, good morning, welcome back to our program, is she making a fair comparison, columbia from years ago, is mexico taking it now to a new level. >> i think there is a new level going on in mexico and i'm not sure it is columbia from the 1980s, in columbia you had a real insurgency and guerrilla war and paramilitary and drug traffickers and the good news in mexico is all you have is the drug traffickers and there is not a political movement and it is bad but not -- there sentence
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a political element and it isn't an insurgency. bill: you see this as good news/bad news. i'm not quite sure where the good news comes from. but i think for the sake of our viewers you see it as a successful mexican government cracking down? at least initially, on the drug cartels. >> there is good and bad news and the good news is they have... i think the violence we are seeing, is primarily between cartels, fighting over territory and doing it because the mexican government made it harder to operate and cross the border and the u.s. government did it well, made it harder to bring cocaine into the country and go across highways and they are fighting with each other, over territory which is valuable, right now and the bad news is, now they've created the violence, among the cartels, now starting to affect civilians it isn't clear whether the mexican government has the ability to step in and tamp down the violence. bill: they've had a measure of success but you aren't convince they'd can finish the job.
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>> eventually they'll have to, but it will take scaling up, in terms of the competence of the police, dealing with corruption inside the police forces and reforming the judicial system, developing new kind of intelligence, they are working on these thing but it will take time, and, my guess is, it is -- the violence will be there for a few years until they are able to really raise the costs of violence for the cartels. now, the -- >> what do you mean, raise the cost of violence. >> cartels don't fear having a shootout in the downtown of a border city or shooting a mayor. it happened yesterday in a small town, they don't think something will happen to them and some point the mexican government will hopefully develop the kind of capacity where when there is that kind of extraordinary violence the cartels know it is bad for business. like it happens in the u.s. bill: when they go after a politician and shoot and kill a mayor, and kill a candidate running for office, to me that says politics. to you it says business. >> it is business. because, unlike in iraq, for example, where there is a real insurgency or afghanistan, where
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the taliban have a political objective, these are cartels that are really just about business, they are about the money and are using politicians to try and do their business and they shoot politicians who don't want to cooperate or if they cooperate with the wrong side but it's not about the political affiliation or ideology and don't wants to run the government but want the government not in their business or lend them a few police officers to help them. bill: they wants to control their decision making to stay in business. the mob. >> the mob. exactly. this is the mob from the 1940s, i mean, this is exactly what we lived through in some cities in the u.s. part of what we experienced in some cities in the u.s., the difference is, we have rail credible police forces, and a good judicial system and mexico is building those right now and so a lot depends on how well, they do. bill: more headlines this week unfortunately, now, andrew selee, thanks for your time, what is coming up. martha: getting information out of iran, breaking news and it is
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new information on yet another top-secret nuclear facility. what may be going on there, and how dangerous those who have uncovered it think it may be. bill: also you have seen the sign and know the rules, no shoes, no shirt, no service, martha. what about no to small children. martha: if they are screaming... >> the store owner turning away business an upsetting hungry parents. listen here: >> he cries like that, other kids cry. >> that's a crying baby. >> here's a screaming child. >>. [baby crying].
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bill: we have some good old american controversy brewing in a local restaurants in north carolina, the owner put up a sign reading screaming children will not be tolerated and now we wonder how this parents are reacting.
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wect's max winex has the story here. >> i will be, in my son's voice, and just like rosa parks, i'm not getting out of my seat. >> reporter: this story, well is all about a seat, kelly says her autistic son is not allowed to sit in. >> she said your son could not come here, and, it was crystal-clear. >> reporter: she's talking about brenda arms, we introduced you to her earlier this week after she put signs up at her restaurant, that read: screaming children will not be tolerated. the two confronted each other, about three weeks ago, after she noticed the sign, which she thought was a joke. >> she said, i have an autistic child and you are singling them out and i said, autism is not a word that is on that sign, ma'am and she looked at me, and, she said, i can't even believe you take him in public, you must be the only one who does. >> and she believes what the woman is doing is down right illegal and violates the american with disabilities act. >> i think she needs to meet
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these kids and, i think she needs to have an opportunity to see that they are awesome, and, please don't shut them out. because they don't fit into the perfect little box everybody wants them in. >> reporter: it doesn't look like arms plans on doing that any time soon, since she says she different discriminate. >> i don't understand why she's offended at the sign to start with. just because, mother nature gave her an autistic child, or god, you know? that is something she has to deal with and i think she's really upset, because, that is what she had handed in life, and i feel sorry for her. it is her problem. >> reporter: a debate that started under the level of noise in one establishment, is only getting louder. bill: there's a baseline of information what is happening in north carolina, and, wect reporting on that. you can believe there is reaction on this, your e-mails, all fired up. martha: you know what? two issues here, the issue of the autistic child and whether or not the child has a right to go into the restaurant with his
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mother, and there is the broader issue of whether or not kids should be allowed to scream and cry in restaurants and not be taken out of there. by their parents which is more of a manners issue and that is what our viewers responded to, they say, you pay for dinner and go out and if your child is screaming it would be nice to take your child out of the restaurant and let other enjoy their dinner and, it raises the question, does the owner have a right to say no to these people who wants to bring their children in there, let's bring in wendy murphy and she's a former prosecutor and child advocate. i have three kids. you have children, where do you come down on this? >> both sides of the issue, martha. i have been a mom with the scream kids and been in restaurants without them, saying, please let there be no screaming children here, is there a no-children section and planes, the same thing but, you know, the fact is, it is fine to put up the sign about screaming kids but i really think the sign should say, parents who don't
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deal responsibly with their screaming children will not be tolerated, as opposed to, having a sign that says, the children themselves will not be tolerated. kids can't control it, you know, it's not about the kids, it is about this parents, that is the general point i want to make and the restaurants can do it, they may suffer or benefit business wise for having such a sign, they have the right to do it. however, if the sign is applied to children with disabilities, as we heard with the story about the child with autism, then the business can't do it. because, there is this affirmative right, protected against discrimination that works for disabled kids. so i really think she should put up a -- you know, an asterisk at the bottom, that says, unless of course you are disabled and in which case of course you are welcome here, because it is illegal for me to kick you out. martha: most people would respond to the way she talked about the autistic child as a little bit insensitive at the least in terms of understanding his situation but going to the
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broader issue and i think this is a societal question, we live in a society, today, where everybody thinks, a lot of people think, i should say, look, my child has the right to be everywhere, parents want to go out and have dinner at a nice restaurant and i'm bringing my children and it is my right to do that and, we have lost sight of manners and consideration. if my children are crying and screaming and certainly god knows they've done that, you don't want to disturb the people around you and you feel bad about that and have we lost the "feeling bad" quality maybe we need to have. >> i agree and i think this is in part a reflection of the currents climate of entitlement. that these parents who have bratty, noisy kids feel as though they are there paying the bill and want to go out to dinner it comes with the right to have their screaming children bother other diners. and, that is wrong, the real question is, you know, can you legislate manners? can you mandate people to be... >> i think you have -- >> and the answer is no.
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martha: you have to have a nationwide movement to restore manners, let's look at one of the e-mails, there were so many and this one we wanted to pop up and show everybody, it was reflective of what we got, from john walker, he says nothing is nor amying anyplace you go than to have a poorly raised kid acting like an amazonian animal, screaming, ranting, belligerent kids only shows how parents are raising their children, and, very little of this was heard of or tolerated before time outs and all the other bs was started. >> he's right on. look, if you have noisy kids and i have five, very noisy kids. martha: god bless you. >> god help me sometimes, you can choose to go to papa gino's aand everybody expects noise and it comes with the dinner and don't go to a fancy-pants
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restaurant. martha: get the babysitter. go out for dinner, thank you very much, good to have you here. wendy... bill: we have a poll on the 10 minutes ago and had 2,000 people voting, in 10 minutes. martha: hot topic. bill: wrong to ban screaming kids from restaurants?"america's newsroom." 86% say no. it's not wrong. to ban a child from a restaurant. our e-mails are all fired up. martha: here's another hot topic, a new nuclear filter? in iran, breaking developments on this story. bill: and incredible video, mainly flooding there in texas, all day yesterday and today in some part, dramatic rescues that took place, more than 100 people saved, next. >> we're 75 -- 76, 77 years old, and we have to start all over now.
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i mean, we had almost all brand-new furniture, and, three feet of water in the house, you know it is ruined.
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martha: bill: breaking news from the pentagon, we mentioned it earlier. new details on another alleged top-secret nuclear facility in iran, jennifer griffin is back at the pentagon, live now, what are they saying, jennifer? good morning. >> reporter: bill, well this is from the leading iranian opposition group, which has made the largest revelations in the past of the secret nuclear facilities inside iran and in 2002, they were the first to reveal these secret sites and today they are showing satellite images of what they say is a new facility, 80 miles west of tehran, near the town kasvine
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and it is being built for uranium enrichment, and they show a series of tunnels in the satellite imagery and they say there has been extensive tunnelling that has -- the tunnels are 200 yards long, into the side of a mountain and show there was nothing there, back in 2005, and, then, in the recent years, they say they have people who have been inside the facility who work for the iranian regime and say it is set up for cascading centrifuges and we have no way to confirm this and reached out to intelligence officials here in the u.s. government, they have no way of confirming but the mujahideen council has been right a number of times in the past and forced the u.s. government to confirm the existence of facilities like this at natanz, or at qum, and
10:53 am
the ma jaha dean say it can fit thousands, more along the site, the facility at qum, not the large facility at natanz was in the past, again, if this is true, this is the first big revelation of a new nuclear facility outside of tehran, the first revelation in the last year, really, and, it could be a very significant development. and we'll bring you more if we have it. >> to be clear, if it is true it would be the second facility now discovered? in iran? >> reporter: more than -- actually, there were more than two facilities, but, this would be one of the largest, secret uranium enrichment facilities, the group has been right in the past. bill: good clarification, jennifer griffin, thanks, good to see you back at the pentagon, you look terrific. thanks, jennifer, martha. martha: we're awaiting a news conference on what is now the worst wildfire in colorado's history.
10:54 am
four people are missing in these fires, and, firefighters are battling to get control of the blaze that now destroyed over 100 homes, and some of which belonged to the firefighters and we have been hearing heroic stories and thousands of people are displaced now. bill: he was a bit of a hot cog with colbert, and joe biden will explain why the message he's sending to former president bush... >> the administration has got some critique, criticism from me and my conservative friends, you have not given enough credit to president bush. would you like to take the opportunity, right now... a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack that's caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death, by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming dangerous clots.
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bill: we have new information into "america's newsroom" about that deadly accident, you might remember that graphic videotape of this car going off road. that was in the mojave desert in southern california, killed eight, injured ten. now the bureau of land management say they will increase patrols at all
10:58 am
events in federal lands and cancel events if they fail to meet the safety requirements that have been set out. martha: and now on to a lighter note, vice president joe biden sitting down with stephen colbert for the comedy central show, made up entirely of active troops and veterans. it was great gathering. mr. biden having a bit fun, taking on a slightly different role as hot dog man. you can see him there, and also sent a message to former president george w. bush: >> let's talk about president bush for a second. the administration has got some critique, criticism from me and my conservative friends, you have not given enough credit to president bush. would you like to take this opportunity right now? >> mr. president, thank you. you've honored these guys, you've honored these women, you've honored these troops, and i've known you, your entire eight years as
10:59 am
president, i've never known a time when you didn't care about what -- we have agreed on policy but you deserve a lot of credit, phr-fpt president. >> mr. president, i never disagreed with your policy, so i thank you and i never disagreed! >> martha: wonder if the former president caught that. i love that lean in at the end by stephen. bill and giving out hot dogs in that show. martha: bid wen -- biden, he always seems to be speaking from the heart. bill:

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